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  • N34 Portable Sensitive Repairing Skin Care Machine
  • N34 Portable Sensitive Repairing Skin Care Machine
  • N34 Portable Sensitive Repairing Skin Care Machine
N34 Portable Sensitive Repairing Skin Care MachineN34 Portable Sensitive Repairing Skin Care MachineN34 Portable Sensitive Repairing Skin Care Machine

N34 Portable Sensitive Repairing Skin Care Machine

  • skin rejuvenation
  • skin care
  • anti-aging
  • sensitive skin repair

Portable Sensitive Skin Dryness Alleviating Sunburned Skin Repairing Anti-inflammation Machine

The difference between sensitive skin repairing machines and Ordinary radio frequency:
1. Ordinary radio frequency selectively heats. It is the temperature rise after water molecules and other conductors absorb energy, which will easily cause dry skin and lack of water, and aggravate the symptoms of sensitive skin.
2. Ordinary radio frequency means that the conduction radio frequency current must pass through the conductor to transfer energy, and it is selectively absorbed. It is easy to irritate sensitive skin and aggravate allergies.
3.27MHz eddy current electric field has the physical characteristics of quickly relieving skin inflammation.
4.27MHz eddy current electric field acts on the skin, it can affect the physical characteristics of the calcium ion and potassium ion concentration of the skin tissue. To a certain extent, the calcium ion concentration can quickly restore the skin barrier function
5. The output displacement current of the repairing sensitive machine does not generate Joule heat, does not irritate sensitive skin, and is easy to relieve sensitive symptoms.

Repairing sensitive skin

1. Repair sensitive skin. Increase the thickness of sebum film, rebuild the skin barrier function, increase the skin's tolerance to external stimuli, and reduce skin allergy symptoms.
2. Facial rejuvenation. It is divided into seven layers to replenish moisture and nutrients to the skin, effectively remove fine dry lines on the skin, shrink pores, and brighten the complexion.
3. Combined with medical skin care products to treat skin diseases. Treats melasma, hormone-dependent dermatitis, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, dry skin, and more.

Repair sensitive skin advantage

Using the 27MHZ eddy current electric field, with unique physical characteristics, coupled with unique military radar positioning, bionic medical radio wave technology can increase local blood circulation, strengthen the phagocytic function of phagocytes, and promote the metabolism and absorption of inflammatory substances.
1. Military radar positioning technology:
The only radio frequency electric field technology in the world that can focus in layers, position in layers, and treat in layers.
2. Bionic medical radio waves:
Thermal and non-thermal effects are generated by radio waves to completely activate dormant dry flat cells. Precisely focused and positioned under the skin, a 27M eddy current electric field is generated, and the high-frequency electric field is used to heat the tissue, activate collagen cells, and at the same time restore aging cells to a healthy and young state through a large amount of hydration.

Deep detoxification
Deeply discharge toxins such as fluorescent gold, lead and mercury, and heavy metal ions remaining in the skin; repair hormone face.
Activate collagen
Unblock capillaries, activate collagen, and accelerate self-extraction circulation metabolism.
Relieve inflammation
After photoelectric equipment treatment, the skin and redness will be reduced, effectively preventing adverse consequences such as color sinking and anti-darkness after photoelectric treatment.
Enhance product activity
Promote strong penetration of products and enhance the skin's absorption rate of products.
Improve skin texture
Improve skin microcirculation, dilute dark circles, relieve eye fatigue, increase skin elasticity and transparency.
Sensitive repair
Effectively repair the skin barrier, enhance immunity, and be used for sensitive skin repair and skin repair after sun exposure.