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  • SW-86A Skin analysis device/skin analyzer machine/skin test
  • SW-86A Skin analysis device/skin analyzer machine/skin test
  • SW-86A Skin analysis device/skin analyzer machine/skin test
SW-86A Skin analysis device/skin analyzer machine/skin test SW-86A Skin analysis device/skin analyzer machine/skin test SW-86A Skin analysis device/skin analyzer machine/skin test

SW-86A Skin analysis device/skin analyzer machine/skin test

  • skin analysis
  • skin testing
  • skin analyzer
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SW-86A Skin analysis device/skin analyzer machine/skin test

Principle of  skin analyzer beauty salon device

The Skin Test Machine can clearly enlarge the epidermal layer for the analysis of various skin symptomsaccording

to optics principles, so that the treatment of skin problems can be more effective. It uses the most advanced photography technology, multi-media photo compress technology, optics micro-magnific-ationtechnology and so on. It displays the magnified pictures skin. This machine is easy to operate, convenient to use, easy to carry. It is mainly used for skin test.The skin master is intelligent skin diagnosis software with six functions. The skin master will be available tosupport most of skin USB cameras on the market (VGA≥640x480 only!). The six analysis modules can beaccurately detected skin moisture,sebum, pore, wrinkle, surface, keratin and pigment changes in the situation.It will be surprising the skin can be replay by similar 3D image, and you can turn the 3D skin and observation by the different angles. The client report not only can be printout the beauty result for client, and also it can diagnosis results to match suitable products automatically.

Hardware of the machine (display syetem)

1. Support 800 * 600 resolution.

2. The multiplying factor of the tester with 50x lens. besides inspecting the symptom onthe epidermis,

the tester has the function of polarizing. after adjusting the tester to polarizing,sensitive skin (redness, hypodermic

spot, pigmentation, folliculate and acne) can be inspected.

Software (analysis system)

A real system analyzing skin data

1. After taking a picture for the face, the system makes accurate data analysis

immediately, including oil, moisture,pigment, pore, elasticity, and collagen fibers of skin.

for example, "oil content of skin 19%". and then, the tester may

mak a conclusion such as "the skin isoily", and a dialogue box may pop up automatically to

recommend oil balancingproduct (after using the product, the tester has an inspectionforthe

skin again.the test data and result change can be showed, so as to make the client be confidence to the product

and be willing to purchase the product). After finishing all analysis items, a skin test report may be concluded

and can be printed.

2. The system has the strong functions in managing members, adding, storing, editing

and deleting the materials of clients,reminding the birthdays of members and storing historical records of members.

3. Replay by 3D image, and you can turn the 3D skin and observation by the different angles.
4. The system data can be backed up and restored, so as not to lose materials when the computer halts.
5. Edit at background, exchange logo of the company and input products etc.

Functions of  skin analyzer beauty salon device

1. detected skin moisture, sebum, pore, wrinkle surface, keratin and so on.

2.detact the hair condition

3.analyze the skin in order to introduce the proper products to customer

4.Using to  store the information of cusomers

5.Excellent appearance and detailed test results can attrative more customers and make them feel confident

with your products.

Features Advantages

1.Comes with the host.Buit-in  hosts,uncessary to connect and install and external computer.

1. low-carbon energy. 25W ultra-low-power, 24   hours a day is only 0.4 yuan, saving the cost.
2.High resolution and precise analysis report 2. touch-screen control, more simple and  straightforward to operate
3.Touch screen interface. Full touch screen operationand intuitive to use without having to learn, ready to use.

3. Attractive appearance. Designs using specially developed tooling, high-end fashion, make your

products more noble.

4.Protable and easy to carry 4.Both for home use and salon use